Stoney Point Ranch

About Us

   Stoney Point Ranch is a family owned business. The ranch has been under the ownership, proprietorship and management of many over the years since it`s existence. 
   Since the mid 1990`s, Jody Sailor took over the proprietorship and management of Stoney Point Ranch. 
   Jody has had the passion of horses since she was a little girl back on the east coast. After many years and moving here to the west coast and of having her own homes with the room to have her horses, she finally settled down here at Stoney Point Ranch.
   Jody not only oversees the everyday running of the ranch seven days a week but, could also be seen at feeding times in the wee hours of the mornings and early evenings. She also finds time to give lessons both in English and western riding.
   Over the years Jody has brought her daughter, Jamie Sailor,
into the business which under the tutledge of her mother became a very accomplished equine rider herself. Between the both woman many people have learned all facets of equine life. They teach you everything from grooming and tacking to sitting and riding properly and safely. They take alot of pride in the job they do especially in the safety of equine riding. 
   If you are looking for a boarding facility for your horse or looking to take equine riding lessons either English or western or maybe to do both then, Stoney Point Ranch is the facility to be, after all it is, 
                                                           " A Horsey Place To Be"          
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